Monday, 18 June 2018

Moulding 'Beyond Functions' from Nathalie, Arinze

(Glazed Clay 23.5”/17.5” 2018), by Djakou Kassi Nathalie.

Ato Arinze and Djakou Kassi Nathalie, in this exhibition, are inspired by the desire to project ceramics as a genre of art that is not limited to functionality. Limiting ceramics to functionality reduces its value and commodifies it, hence the theme, Beyond Functions.

Its maiden edition was held in 2016 where the two artists exhibited works of art that are conceptual and engaging. This second edition is a step ahead of the initial edition as it offers a bold and courageous approach to subject matters and style.
Ato's oeuvre offers a trajectory into the rumbles and chaos of the society. He is deeply concerned by the agony and hardship that the people experience occasionally and positions himself as a social commentator who participates in public comments through conceptual art. In Bullet holes and bullet wounds, the artist presents a commentary on the recent killings in the country by Fulani Herdsmen who attacks villages and settlements at will.

Sunday, 17 June 2018

With Beads, Olafisoye Interrogates Metaphysics In Art, Craft

Cultural and royal parapherlia by Chief Robinson Olafisoye.

ART, in its functionality, design or craft, goes beyond creative application in the studio of Chief Robinson Olafisoye. There is a dual role of using his art and craft to promote tourism as well as African spirituality. And with the Lagos State government’s projection of turning Ikorodu into a tourism hub, Olafisoye, whose studio is located on Agric area of the town, appears well prepared for the future.

A ride through quite a number of rough roads, off the main Ikorodu Expressway, leads to the 63-year-old artist’s studio.  Serving as home and studio is a detached block of one of the two buildings inside the gated compound. On the wall of his studio are art and

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

'Connecting the Dots' with Onadipe's exuberant art

A mixed media titled 'The Monocular' (172 x 142 cm, 2017) by Olumide Onadipe.

Recurring issues such as Identity, migration, enviromental management and globalisation are being analysed through the pallete of Olumide Onadipe. An artist with exuberant deployment of re-purposed materials in creating sculptures and paintings, Onadipe places managers of resources on the spot just as he chides Africa for freely losing its dignity.

Currently showing as Connecting the Dots, at Temple Muse, Victoria Island, Lagos, Onadipe's new body of work also marks the host space's 10th anniversary as a design shop. As Onadipe herds select preview guests through his artworks mounted

Monday, 11 June 2018

Today, Shonibare, other Royal Academicians open 250th show in London

A section of the Royal Academy's 250th Summer Art Exhibition.

When the 250th edition of Royal Academy Summer Art Exhibition opens today, ending August 19, over 1, 300 artworks will be on display for the yearly show.

Among top artists showing paintings and installations are Yinka Shonibare, Tracey Emin,

Taking Osawe's 'Pa Johnson & Gabriel' to mainstream art after three decades

Cartoonist, Moses Osawe
OVER 30 years after the comic character Pa Johson & Gabriel of the rested Fun Times disappeared with the weekly Sunday magazine, the creator of the cartoon, Moses Osawe, is back from his U.S. base. He has pulled the cartoons out of the magazine onto the canvas to give them aesthetic value beyond its original fun contents. 

Osawe showed the paintings and drawings, inspired by the 'Pa Johnson & Gabriel' characters as a solo art
exhibition at Weave and Co Gallery, Moor House Hotel, Ikoyi, Lagos. While some of the exhibits still

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Sotheby's legitimacy suit against Greece may favour holders of looted African artefacts

Ancient Greek bronze sculpture of which Sotheby's is challenging Greece'a ownership claim. PIC: Courtesy Sotheby's.

If the ongoing legal issue between Sotheby's and the government of Greece over a 8th Century BC Greek sculpture ends in favour of the auction house, legitimacy of quite a number of looted ancient artworks may favour subsisting holders. In fact, some collectors of alleged looted artefacts of African origins would be bold to sell them at auctions if the government of Greece loses it's legitimacy claim against Sotheby's.

Eight years ago, Sotheby's was forced to cancel its sales of artefacts of Benin origin - including an iconic 16th Century Idia mask pendant - after a non-governmental group, Nigeria Liberty Forum (NLF), raised an alarm. NLF, led by Kayode Ogundamisi had written to Sotheby's to stop the

Sunday, 3 June 2018

Tonight, 'Anyanwu' by Enwonwu goes for 50-60 million Naira Nigerian auction record

Anyanwu' The Wakening), by Ben Enwonwu.

 It took more than one year and two editions of Arthouse auctions before Ben Enwonwu won the heart of collectors after the 2008 historic sale event in Lagos. Dr Bruce Onobrakpeya and Yusuf Grillo were among the I  eading masters in top sales of the first two editions.