Saturday, 31 March 2018

'Aliens, not humans' built the Pyramid in ancient Egypt

Modern and contemporary scientific curiosity are still struggling to have an answer to the only serving masterpiece of the ancient creativity, The Pyramid of Giza, Egypt. Quite a number of studies have attempted to unravel the artistic and architectural contents of the Pyramid of Giza over the centuries and decades of modern-contemporary science. But the latest scientific "discovery" about The Pyramid at Giza with pictorial UFO: pic from Daily Statr.

the builders of the Pyramid, as reported by Daily Star might have historians lock horns with scientists.

 According to Daily Star, researchers believe the Pyramid of Giza was built by 'aliens' and not humans.  The new findings explain that extraterrestrials
left one vital clue in its design in Giza, Egypt.
 "The speed of light is 299,792,458 metres per second and the geographic co-ordinates for the Great Pyramid are 29.9792458°N."
 The latest argument says humans could not measure the speed of light with this precision until 1950.

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